Firefox Free Download

How to Download Mozilla Firefox and Install it

How to Download Mozilla Firefox and Install it

Mozilla Firefox refers to an open-source web browser that is freely available to the users. This browser has been developed for use in Linux, Windows and OS X, there is also a mobile version which is available for free for Android based smartphones. It is by far one of the best web browsers available in the market and it is absolutely free to the users.

It is developed by Mozilla Foundation in conjunction with its subsidiary company, the Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Firefox browser uses Gecko layout engine to display web pages and execute current and anticipated web pages standards. Mozilla Firefox free download is available from the official Mozilla Firefox website.

Steps for Installing the Mozilla Firefox Free Download

The fact that Firefox browser in one of the most popularly used browsers, only goes to emphasis that is has great features which will improve the users’ internet experience. Some of these features include: spell checking, live bookmarking, incremental find, tabbed browsing, Smart Bookmarks, private browsing, download manager, location-aware browsing and last but not least integrated search system that uses various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Wikipedia among others.

The steps to installing the Mozilla Firefox free download for Windows 7 is as follows:

1. Visit the Mozilla Firefox Homepage which is and you will see the download button as shown below. Click on the Firefox download button to proceed.

2. After clicking on the download button, you will be taken to the next download Firefox page as shown below. You can opt to subscribe to their monthly e-news letter via email which will enable Mozilla Firefox to send you updates on their browser via email. You can also opt to not subscribe to this service.

3. An installation file will pop on the webpage with the option of save file. You should click on save file, which will be saved on your chosen download location on your hard disk. This will in effect initiate the download process.

4. Once the installation file has completed downloaded, double click to run the software. The download Mozilla Firefox setup will install the Mozilla Firefox browser in your system. The process should take less than 3 minutes in total from the start to finish.

5. Similar to most application software installation process, you will be prompted to chose a language, review the terms of usage and proceed by clicking “Accept and Install” option.

6. Near the completion stage of installing the software, you will be prompted to choose whether to have a short-cut icon on your desktop.

7. Browser window also lets you import browser history and bookmarks from your previous browser.
At this stage you have successfully installed Mozilla Firefox on your system and can enjoy free, secure and fast browsing with Mozilla Firefox browser all courtesy to Mozilla Firefox free download.